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00-124 Warsaw

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Klosbachstr. 103
8032 Zurich

T: +41 43 222 59 00
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Individual approach

Zafran Group is focused primarily on the highest quality projects. We are a boutique company, meaning we execute a selected and limited number of projects to maintain the highest standard and individualization of service to our Clients while providing our Candidates ease of mind and support during our cooperation.

For us every project is unique and exceptional and our Clients can see this in the way we conduct business. Our goal is to achieve a perfect match that ultimately leads to finding the best talent, meeting or exceeding the expectations of our Customers. Our successes are validated by many favourable references that promote the continued development of our company. Moreover, Zafran Group enjoys repeat business and referrals, and offers an exceptional portfolio of roles as well as an unmatched level of personal attention.

In working with us, Candidates gain awareness and confidence that our approach to their career development is treated with utmost attention: we analyze their long term aspirations and thoroughly evaluate the value of their potential career change. We strongly support the notion of being an independent, trusted and objective career adviser. Furthermore, we know that our Candidates today are our Clients tomorrow.

Expertise and professionalism

Above else we deal with very demanding and specialized projects. Our excellent knowledge of given sectors allows us the use of thorough search methods and detailed criteria for candidate selection. In fact, we are renowned for our meticulous and rigorous methods of verification and selection with an emphasis on the perfect fit between knowledge, motivation and personality. Using proprietary Perfect-Match methodology we have screened several thousand people since 1996.

We work with consultants who are experts in their particular industries and who, derive their expertise from personal in-depth practical knowledge of that given field. Special attention is paid to communication during the process while we strive to anticipate and recognize the client’s needs, reporting progress and discussing in detail business circumstances that may impact final conclusions and recommendations.

Extensive network: Poland, Canada and Switzerland

For nearly 20 years we’ve been building what is the essence of job recruitment - a vast, global network of contacts - essential to effective work. Thanks to our Canadian pedigree and Swiss alliance we have natural access to decision makers, know-how and the best business practices created in markets that are considered the most developed globally. We hold membership in numerous international and Polish organisations connected to the labour market and business as well as international chambers of commerce and industry. In Toronto and Zurich we are a part of cultural, academic and business life. All of this provides us unrivalled access to knowledge about our realized and ongoing projects and constitutes an excellent source of network relationships necessary in our work.

We are guided by a culture of business relationships that enforces the highest professional standards based on transparency, superior organization and high attention to quality. Because of the direct involvement in many projects run by our offices in Toronto and Zurich we are a natural part of the international labour market professionals community. The positive image of these countries and their international recognition provides us access to projects and candidates across all continents.

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